Shipping Solutions
Block Train Transports with Bulk Goods

The shipment of bulk goods by rail is an increasingly economical alternative to road transportation. Above all others, companies in the construction industry have been relying on the rail road for years, playing an integral role in environmental protection and relieving the roads. Lower transportation costs and better reliability are clearly a major advantage.

We ship bulk goods wherever we can load and unload. Our services range from creating logistics concepts to implementing customized shipping solutions with high quality and efficiency. Therefore, we not only serve our customers in the area of transportation, but also in the planning and reactivation of railway sidings.
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Shipping Solutions
Last Mile Service

In addition to block train transports, the last mile service is another pillar of our range of services. There are gateways in the transportation of group and individual

freight cars to the Deutsche Bahn network in Haldensleben, Helmstedt, Ibbenbüren and Lengerich. Another gateway enables transit in Versmold over the infrastructure of the Teoburger Wald-Eisenbahn GmbH to the Deutsche Bahn network in Gütersloh and Hövelhof.
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Shipping Solutions
Work Train Logistics

We organize and implement the shipment of building materials to track laying sites just in time. Short lead times are no problem for us. In addition to building material logistics, we also manage the on-time

implementation of track laying machines and construction joints. Through our partner, European Wagon Lease GmbH, we have FC freight cars standing by in Weferlingen, with which we can serve even very urgent commercial traffic.
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Shipping Solutions
Shunting Services

Shunting services—even in connection with the Last Mile Service when necessary—are also included in our range of services. Lappwaldbahn Cargo offers solutions in the area of public infrastructure and railway sidings. In addition to assembling and dismantling freight trains, we also prepare and retrieve car loadings at loading facilities and at delivery stations, as well as the railway siding service.

Lappwaldbahn Cargo even handles locomotive, and freight car deliveries to workshops.
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Freight Car Technician

Our Deutsche Bahn certified freight car technician performs visual checks and technical freight car inspections and special checks on railway vehicles, even in combined transport. These checks determine the operational safety and rail-worthiness of individual freight cars and block trains. In particular, we check:

  • The general condition of the freight cars
  • Loading conditions and safety
  • Management of freight cars and damages.
  • Implementation of brake tests
  • Creation of freight car lists
  • Loading gauge checks
  • Compliance with GGVSEB provisionsAfter damages are found, the freight cars are treated in accordance with AVV provisions. In some cases, the freight car technician also performs rail-worthiness checks. These inspections assess whether the freight cars can reach the factory with their own wheels or need the help of others.The freight car technicians are familiar with the various essential basic set of national and international rules for correctly assessing damages to vehicles and documenting them, such as damage logs.Our freight car technicians provide support during break tests and generate all necessary related documents. They are digitally transmitted in connection with the corresponding retainers and the consorting rail transport companiesObviously, we can also carry out the incidental shunting activities necessary for forming trains.
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If you need a pilot, LWC will provide you with personnel knowledgeable of the route. Our route expertise primarily comprises of the regions in northern,

central and eastern Germany with the regional OHE, EVB and AKN route networks in addition to our own infrastructure in the Lappwald and in the Teutoburg Forest.
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Diesel Locomotives
From Type Class 66

The heavy, six-axled locomotives are provided with a diesel motor with a power of 2,420 kW (3 245 PS). A three-phase A.C. generator provides six series circuit collector traction motors which work with an axle hung drive on the axles.

The locomotives developed for the British structure gauge are provided with opposite radial guided end axles. The centre axles, on the other hand, can be moved sideways for good curvature.

Class 66 is used throughout Europe in freight transport, mainly by private rail transport companies. Approvals for efficient locomotives exist in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Romania.

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Diesel Locomotives
From Type 345 (ex V 60 D)

In 1955, Karl Marx Babelsberg, the VEB locomotive manufacturer, began delivering the V 60 D series for the medium/heavy shunting service. After they were introduced as series 105 and 106 in 1970, they were listed in the stock of Deutsche Bahn

beginning in 1994 as series 345 and 346. The locomotives equipped with a drive power of 478 KW (650 hp) have a transmission with a shunting mode and trip range, and reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h. The drive of the four axles is rod-coupled. The curves down to a minimum radius of up to 80 m, as well as the possibility of passing over a hump with a radius of 400 m in the approach arc and a radius of 300 m in the outlet bend offer favourable conditions for use in all areas of the shunting service as well as in the last mile and connection service.
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Diesel Locomotives
From Type 218 / 225

The 218 series belongs to the so-called V 160 family, which were developed during the Deutsche Bahn’s post-war reconstruction program as large single-engine diesel locomotives for the medium/heavy route service.

The 1,840 – 2,060 KW (2,500 to 2,800 hp) four-axle locomotives equipped with electric train heating are still used today in the passenger and freight train service. The 140 km/h diesel locomotives, equipped with end driver’s cabins, have long been regarded as the Deutsche Bahn’s or today’s German railways’ most important diesel locomotives. In the meantime, however, they have been replaced extensively by more modern vehicles. Some of these indestructible locomotives were resold to third parties after appropriate processing.

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Help wanted

Are you looking for a new challenge or to start your career? Then become a par of the Lappwaldbahn Family! We offer a modern and diverse workplace with an aspiring company with awesome opportunities for advanced education and individual promotion opportunities. We are currently looking for train drivers for V-Traction with a class 3 or class B (TfV) driving license (VDV 753) for freight trains in northern Germany.

We are looking forward to receiving your descriptive resume stating your earliest possible start date and basic salary requirements. Please email your detailed applications to lwc@lappwaldbahn.de.


Are you seeking an exciting and secure apprenticeship? Then you are welcome to join us. We offer a sound education and employment guarantee upon passing the exam.

We are looking for merchants at our location in Weferlingen (ST) to start by 1 September 2017. If you like to work with people, have good organizational skills, and are skilled with modern IT, then we would love to have you join our team.

Please email your detailed application documents to lwc@lappwaldbahn.de.


The company, which emerged from DZ Rail GmbH and was founded on 20 January 2015, operates under the umbrella of the Lappwaldbahn Group as an

independent company. It is registered under the commercial register number HRB 31068 in the commercial register at the District Court of Leipzig (Amtsgericht Leipzig). The company was founded as a rail transport company for the operation of railway vehicles and the implementation of rail freight transport, as well as the training and testing of railway operating personnel. Andreas Becker was entrusted with managing the company. We hold ISO 9001 certification, as well as AVV and VDV membership.


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