New and renovated
railway tracks

Several rail construction teams are available with modern technology to build new or renovate existing railway tracks. With the support of four modern railway

excavators and their many accessories, we can perform the following tasks:
  • Plan and develop measures for construction and renovation.
  • Complete new railway tracks with the necessary excavation and substructure work.
  • Install and modify track switches
  • Rail road ties and rail replacement
  • Construction and renovation of railway crossings
  • Bridge restoration
  • Renovation of footpaths
  • Installations and cable routing in the safety and control area.
  • Plug and straightening projects (in cooperation with partner companies)

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Maintenance and repair of
railway tracks

The work in the area of maintenance and repair ranges from vegetation management to elaborate switch repairs. The following jobs are performed.

  • Planning and monitoring of maintenance and repair work.
  • Preparation of test reports
  • Switch repairs
  • Removal of broken rails and skid spots
  • Repairs in the railway crossing area
  • Vegetation pruning, chemical growth monitoring
  • Maintenance and repair of drainage

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Maintenance and repair of
technical safety installations

The maintenance and repair includes all the measures to preserve and restore the nominal condition and to determine and assess the actual condition in  

consideration of the manufacturer specifications, relevant DIN/EN norms and specifications/printed material of the Deutsche Bahn. The range of work is organised as follows:


  • Cleaning technical installations
  • Maintenance work to preserve operational safety
  • Lubrication of mechanical components


  • Measurements, examination and assessment of the condition as well as the operation of electrical equipment and installation parts
  • Documentation of the actual and nominal conditions, issuance of maintenance documents, test and repair reports
  • Processing of instructions, documents and models
  • Testing of electrical features according to relevant guideline and manufacturer specifications

Fault elimination:

  • Find, isolate, and identify errors. Identify the reasons for failure
  • Examination and assessment of the working methods of the electrical installation parts
  • Analysis of errors on the basis of circuit diagrams, supply of spare parts, replacement of worn and defective parts, devices and components.
  • Examination of system features, performing trial runs, removing and documenting measurement and testing devices
  • Resetting the installations

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Help wanted

Are you looking for a new challenge or to start your career? Then become a par of the Lappwaldbahn Family! We offer a modern and diverse workplace with an aspiring company with awesome opportunities for advanced education and individual promotion opportunities.

We are currently seeking to expand our team with experienced track workers, preferably with additional expertise, as a maintenance fitter or operator of rail road vehicles for example. at our locations in Dörenthe, North Rhine-Westphalia and in Weferlingern, Sachsen-Anhalt.

We are looking forward to receiving your descriptive resume stating your earliest possible start date and basic salary requirements. Please email your detailed applications to lwg@lappwaldbahn.de.
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Are you seeking an exciting and secure apprenticeship? Then you are welcome to join us. We offer a sound education and employment guarantee upon passing the exam.

We are seeking railway workers to fill positions at our locations in Dörenthe, North

Rhine-Westphalia and Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt by 1 September 2017. If you love to work outdoors and enjoy ensuring smooth and safe rail transit via construction and renovation, as well as the maintenance and repair of railway tracks, then you’re a perfect match for us. Modern machines and working equipment make our positions less physically demanding on your body. Please email your detailed application documents to lwg@lappwaldbahn.de.
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Company description

There has been internal track construction since the year 2006 within the Lappwaldbahn corporation. Due to the strong growth in early 2016, this area was outsourced to an independent company with limited liability, the Lappwaldbahn Gleisbau GmbH (LWG). The company, headquartered in Weferlingen, is registered in the commercial register as a limited liability company and is managed by the District Court of the Hansestadt Stendal under the commercial register number HRB 22976.

LWG is primarily concerned with new construction projects and the maintenance of the infrastructure of the Lappwaldbahn. In addition, the LWG provides services for customers with adjacent infrastructure and for various industrial spurs. Kai Ebert was entrusted with managing the company.


LWS Lappwaldbahn Service GmbH
Mühlenweg 8
39356 Weferlingen

Kai Ebert

Sitz der Gesellschaft

Amtsgericht Stendal HRB 9780

Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, Heinemannstraße 6, 53175 Bonn

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz
DE 265 936 106

LWG Lappwaldbahn Gleisbau GmbH

Am Bahnhof 4
39356 Weferlingen

[T] +49 (0) 39061-9858-203
[F] +49 (0) 39061-9858-198