The LWI Lappwaldbahn Instandhaltung (LWI) workshop carries out preventative and corrective maintenance according to the stipulations of the Vereinigung der Privatgüterwagen-Interessenten (VPI) (Association of Private Freight Wagon Interested Parties) and general inspections according to §32 Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsordnung (EBO) (Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Railways) on all types of freight wagons (except tank wagons). The maintenance measures ensure high availability and operational safety or the reinstatement of operability after unforeseeable technical defects on freight wagons.

VPI supports workshops in mastering these tasks with the VPI-Instandhaltungsleitfaden (VPILF) (VPI Maintenance Guidelines), which it publishes and continuously updates. Lappwaldbahn has been a full VPI member and VPI-Instandhaltungsleitfaden subscriber since 01.01.2015.

LWI specialises in maintenance work in the area of preventative maintenance in order to maintain a safe operational condition, for vehicle cleaning, inspection and adjustment work on braking systems and other facilities and the planning of maintenance measures. In the scope of corrective maintenance, LWI replaces components such as bogies, wheel sets, braking systems, couplings and buffer gear on freight wagons.

LWI also carries out general inspections on freight wagons according to §32 EBO. The standard revisions G 4.8 and G 4.2 according to VPI 01 with various diversifications can be carried out on all freight wagons types (except tank wagons) at Lappwaldbahn Instandhaltung.