The workshop set up in 2014/15 was created in the Weferlingen sugar factory train station in the area of the previous locomotive deployment site of the former light railway Gardelegen – Neuhaldensleben – Weferlingen. It was acquired in October 2015. The workshop facilities, consisting of a modern, naturally lit hall with a warehouse area, office and social spaces, replaces the old and outdated workshop location of the Lappwaldbahn Group in the former Oebisfelde depot. A powerful crane train is positioned over three 40 m long hall tracks, which enables even heavy vehicle components to be moved quickly and safely. A 14 m inspection pit is available in the hall for inspection and repair work, a further 20 m pit is located in the outside area in front of the workshop entrance. Several lifting devices with bearing loads of 40 t to 100 t as well as a powerful forklift enable the safe lifting and lowering of vehicles, vehicle components and other loads. In the coming years the workshop will be extended by a further work track with a 25 m pit, a paint shop and additional social ares.