In December 2015, LWS Lappwaldbahn Service GmbH acquired the northern part of the Teutoburger Forest Railway between Versmold and Ibbenbüren/Hafen Ibbenbüren-Dörenthe.

LWG Lappwaldbahn Gleisbau GmbH was commissioned within the company group in the scope of the basic route upgrade with almost all the work from cutting back vegetation to track construction and renovating level crossings. LWS planned and supported the project. The route section Versmold – Bad Laer – Bad Iburg – Lengerich, including several bridge construction measures, has been running since the start of 2019, so that by the end of 2022 the connection (Gütersloh -) Versmold – Lengerich (- Osnabrück/sea port) will be reinstated for freight transport. All the work for the basic route upgrade should be completed by 2024.