There were some concrete sleepers in very good condition in the area of the heavily overgrown route Helmstedt – Weferlingen at the time it was taken over in 2006. Not so the areas with wooden sleepers. The track maintenance here ranged from expansion to narrowing. Numerous sleepers had long reached their usage period limit and the rail clips often no longer bore the required downward force in connection with longer lying sleepers. Some of the wooden sleepers were completely rotten or hollow. The route condition was frequently problematic due to lacking or ineffective drainage.

LWG Lappwaldbahn Gleisbau GmbH (LWG) carried out the upgrade of the route for heavy loads. The largest part of the work which fell in the areas of track construction and vegetation control was carried out cost-effectively by in-house LWG employees. Only the welding, tamping and straightening work was carried out by external companies. The construction status was officially lifted on 7th May 2009.