LWS Lappwaldbahn Service GmbH (LWS) operates two branch lines in the border area between Lower Saxony and Saxony Anhalt according to operating regulations FV-NE, which are connected at the Weferlingen train station. The Haldensleben – Weferlingen track, opened in 1907, lost rail passenger transport in 1999 and was highly threatened by a complete decommissioning due to the poor track conditions. In 2000, Lappwaldbahn took over the track section from the former Emden station (9.9 track kilometres) to Weferlingen on a lease basis. The partially extremely poor track conditions required comprehensive construction measures in the following year in order to upgrade the infrastructure for heavy freight traffic with the route class D 4. Today, the branch line approved for a top speed of 50 km/h is in a thoroughly good condition.

In 2006, Lappwaldbahn also took over the Weferlingen – Helmstedt route on a lease basis. Opened in 1895, this section was once a part of a branch line from Helmstedt to Oebisfelde, which was permanently interrupted by Grasleben as a result of the German division in 1952. For connection to the salt mining factory in Grasleben, the West kept the remaining and Deutsche Bahn owned part in operation for freight transport, while the weak passenger transport ended on the track as early as 1959. In 1995, the Grasleben – Weferlingen section interrupted by the border was reactivated, but the service to Helmstedt was stopped sometime later due to the superstructure damages. After the rail systems were left to their own fate for years and deteriorated accordingly, Lappwaldbahn upgraded the route for the high loads with route class D4. On 17th May 2009, the branch line, now approved for a top speed of 40 km/h, went into operation again after a successful basic upgrade.