The model series 218 and 225 belong to the V 160 family which was developed in the post-war reconstruction programme of Deutsche Bahn as a single-engine, large diesel locomotive for medium weight track service.

The 1,840 to 2,060 KW (2,500 to 2,800 HP), four-axel locomotives with electrical train heating are still used today by the Deutsche Bahn and numerous NE trains in train services for travel and goods. Highly trusted in operational service, the up to 140 km/h fast diesel locomotive equipped with end driver cabs was long considered the most important track diesel locomotive of the German federal railways and today’s Deutsche Bahn. However, over time, DB AG carried out extensive replacement with more modern traction units. After the appropriate reconditioning, some of these indestructible locomotives were auctioned off to third parties, including Lappwaldbahn Cargo.