The huge and ever increasing load on the roads of the Börde district from lorries led to considerations about reactivating the siding of the Walbeck silica plant after 2010. The aim was to supply the glass industry in Haldensleben and Osterwedding in the future with silica sand on the railways and thereby relieve the roads by around 13,500 lorry journeys each year.

Lappwaldbahn Service GmbH took over the planning and project management for the siding reactivation. In addition to acquiring the relevant loading technology, it was necessary to renovate and reactivate approx. 900 m of track in the still existing railway lines. The construction work began on 20th March 2014 under the leadership of LWG Lappwaldbahn Gleisbau GmbH. The lines were finished by 1st May 2014.